atf sinner




lead guitar, vocal
Leader, songwriter and author of the lyrics. Co-founder of HATE back in 1990.


Ibanez RG Prestige, Ibanez Artz, Ran Invader, Ran Thor, Bash MK V Amp, Soundman Amp, Laboga Cabinets, Ernie Ball Guitar Strings


Ibanez Guitars, Bash Amps, Soundman Amps, Laboga Cabinets, Ernie Ball Strings, InTune Picks, Barczak Cases

Appeared on the following records:

Abhorrence (demo, 1992, Hate Production)
Evil Art (demo, 1994, Loud Out Records)
The Unwritten Law (demo, 1995, Novum Vox Mortiis)
Daemon Qui Fecit Terram (LP, 1996, Novum Vox Mortiis)
Lord Is Avenger (LP, 1998, Novum Vox Mortiis)
Victims (MCD, 1999, Metal Mind Productions)
Evil Decade of Hate (compilation, 1999, Apocalypse Productions)
Holy Dead Trinity (compilation, 2001, WWIII Records)
Cain’s Way (LP, 2002, WWIII Records)
Awakening of the Liar (LP, March 4, 2003, Empire Records, Listenable Records)
Litanies Of Satan (DVD, 2004, Metal Mind Productions)
Anaclasis – A Haunting Gospel Of Malice & Hatred (LP, 2005, Listenable Records)
Morphosis (LP, 2008, Listenable Records)
Erebos (LP, 2010, Listenable Records)
Solarflesh (LP, 2013, Napalm Records)
Crusade:Zero (LP, 2015, Napalm Records)


Mothernight (LP, 2007, Locomotive Records)

Atf Sinner

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