Cain’s Way

Written by



(WW3/AMC American Music, 2001)

01: Apocalypse
02: And Thye Sin Becomes
03: Sectarian Murder 04: The Fifth Eternally Despised
05: Through Hate To Eternity > mp3
06: Shame Of The Creator
07: Resurrected But Failed
08: Cain’s Way
09: Holy Dead Trinity
10: Future Is Mayhem
11: From Cain To Cadmon

Released on WW3/AMC American Music/ 2002;
Recorded at Serakos Studio/ 2001;
Engineered and mixed by Robert Srzednicki;
Produced by Robert Srzednicki & Hate;
Mastered by Robert Srzednicki at Serakos Studio;
Remastered by Kris Wawrzak;

All music by Atf Sinner & Ralph;
All lyrics by Atf Sinner

Atf Sinner – guitars, vocals,
Kaos – guitars,
Cyprian – bass,
Mittloff – drums

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