Holy Dead Trinity

Written by

Holy Dead Trinity

Holy Dead Trinity

(WW3/AMC American Music, 2001)

01: Holy Dead Trinity
02: No Life After Death
03: Victims 04: God Overslept
05: The Kill
06: Share Your Blood With Daemon
07: World Has To Die
08: Dead & Mystified
09: Enter The Hell
10: Convocation 11: Lord Is Avenger
12: Paradise As Lost
13: Pagan Triumph
14: Satan’s Horde

Tracks 1-5 recorded and mixed at Selani Studio,
Olsztyn, September 1998;
Engineered and mixed by Andrew Bomba;
Produced by Hate & A. Bomba;
Mastered by Piotr Madziar;
They come from the mini-lp „Victims” released earlier in Poland on Metal Mind Prods.
Tracks 6-14 recorded at Selani Studio, Olsztyn, November 1997;
Engineered and mixed by Andrew Bomba;
Produced by Hate and A. Bomba;

The tracks come from the album „Lord Is Avenger” released earlier in Poland on Novum Vox Mortis.
Symphonical tracks engineered by Maciej Bielawski;
Mastered by Jacek Gawlowski;
Remastered by Kris Wawrzak;

All music by Atf Sinner, Ralph & Daniel
Symphonical tracks by Atf Sinner;
Lyrics by Atf Sinner

Atf Sinner – guitars, vocals;
Ralph – guitars,
Cyprian – bass,
Mittloff – drums

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